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Washington Post highlights Korean drama fever in China
MARCH 10, 2014 02:45  
밯hy China can뭪 make soap operas as good as South Korea뭩?

Watching the Korean soap opera 밠y Love from the Star, which enjoys immense popularity, Chinese people are self-reflecting, a leading U.S. daily reported. In a front page story from Beijing printed in its Saturday issue, the Washington Post presented in-depth analysis of the 밠y Love from the Star fever, which is making a great splash across the Chinese continent.

The newspaper said that the Korean drama 밠y Love from the Star was the hottest topic at the "Lianghui" (National People`s Congress and Chinese People`s Political Consultative Conference), the biggest political event in China. The daily noted that after the heroine in the soap opera mentioned 멌hicken and beer (on a snowy day) in one episode, Korean style fried chicken stores saw sales sharply rise in China.

The storyline of the soap opera, which suggests that an alien accidentally arrives on the earth 400 years ago and falls in love with a star actress, sounds bizarre to Westerners, but Chinese leaders are lamenting why 밅hina can뭪 make soap operas as good as Korea뭩. The Washington Post also introduced its analysis that the reason is Chinese dramas and movies must pass strict state censorship.

According to the U.S. daily, the popularity of the Korean drama dealt a heavy blow to Chinese confidence in their culture, and gave Chinese a chance to reflect upon themselves. The drama created by China뭩 Asian rival has dealt an even heavier blow after DreamWorks` animation film "Kung Fu Panda" damaged Chinese confidence in 2008.

The Washington Post said, 밫his time around, the angst over the Korean drama carries with it bitterness about regional rivalries. While China has long considered itself the source of East Asian culture, the domination of Japanese comics and Korean soap operas in Chinese pop culture challenges that view. Korean soap operas enjoy popularity because they highlight many aspects of China뭩 traditional culture, the newspaper added.

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