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`Pacifist constitution should be respected,` says Japanese prince
FEBRUARY 24, 2014 07:47  
Japanese Crown Prince Naruhito who turned 54 on Sunday has stressed the importance of abiding by the current pacifist Constitution, in contrast with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who has been pushing for constitutional amendment.

According to the Japanese media, the crown prince said in a press conference on the eve of his 54th birthday, 밫oday뭩 Japan was built with the Japanese Constitution as the cornerstone, and our country is now enjoying peace and prosperity. It is important to continue to take necessary advices and work in compliance with the Constitution.

At a news conference to mark his 80th birthday on Dec. 23, 2013, Japanese Emperor Akihito also underlined the importance of the pacifist Constitution, by saying that 밃fter the war, Japan was occupied by the allied forces, but we upheld the values of peace and democracy, undertook various reforms and built the foundation of Japan that we know today.

Nevertheless, the Japanese prime minister has been pushing for the amendment of the Constitution in an attempt to break the 뱎ost-war framework. Securing the right of collective self-defense through constitutional interpretation will be the first step for the attempt. The draft of amended constitution made by the ruling Liberal Democratic Party elevates the status of emperor to the 밾ead of state.

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