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Hate Practice
A drama highlights Seoul뭩 two new landmark buildings
FEBRUARY 12, 2014 06:48  
밠y Love from the Star, a popular SBS drama, shows two luxury landmark buildings in Seoul. One is 밆ongdaemun Design Plaza & Park (DDP), which was designed by world-famous British architect Zaha Hadid and opens next month, and the other is 밄outique Monaco, a high-end multi-use building designed by renowned Korean architect Cho Min-seok.

DDP appeared on the scene where Cheon Song-yi (starring Jun Ji-hyun) gets injured while filming an action move on wire (at the 13th episode). DDP uses a technique that lifts up and supports the entire building and this enables an open space without a pillar. The drama was filmed in a conference hall of the building, which has an area of 2,991 square meters with a height of 20 meters, but no pillars. This made filming wired scenes possible. In the scene where Cheon was about to enter the building, lights inside and outside the building and aluminum panels covering the building created a beautiful nightscape of DDP.

밯e did not get fees for using the hall except for getting a DDP promotion video filmed by a helicopter camera, said Kim Yoon-hee, head of the DDP management team. 밃s Korean and even Hollywood filmmakers want to film a movie, we are now making rules on venue rental fees.

Boutique Monaco appeared in the scene where Do Min-joon (played by actor Kim Soo-hyun), a man with supernatural power, pushes Lee Jae-kyeong (played by actor Shin Seong-ok), a bad guy, to fall off the building (at the 14th episode). It was among the top five in the International Highrise Award hosted by German Architecture Museum. "The script said a high-rise building with large traffic and the building had to be nice because Lee뭩 fall-off scene is important, said HB Entertainment, the drama producer. 밯e rented the rooftop for two days but we cannot say how much we paid for it.

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