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Pres. Park warns against labor attempts to interfere public sector reform
FEBRUARY 11, 2014 05:55  
President Park Geun-hye said Monday, "I`m deeply concerned that labor unions at public institutions are showing signs of banding together in order to resist normalization reforms, which the public won`t tolerate either," adding, "I will make those interfering with reforms take responsibility."

At a meeting with her senior secretaries, President Park stressed, "If the public sector puts up resistance in order to continue with lax management, we should thoroughly reveal the realities to the people."

As the government recently announced that it will reduce welfare benefits at 38 state-owned institutions and make drastic debt cuts in these institutions, labor unions at public corporations set up a joint task committee and said they will reject labor-management talks and pursue general strikes if necessary.

After responding strictly to illegal strikes of unionized railway workers last year, President Park made clear that there will be no compromise on claims by union labors at public institutions. She seems to consider high public support on reform of the public sector.

"Lions and tigers make their utmost efforts to catch a small rabbit. A nerve-racking effort is needed (in carrying out national tasks) to complement and modify (these tasks) considering how the public will perceive. There will be performance only when you do your best."

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