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Former minister denounces opposition for local election candidacy
FEBRUARY 10, 2014 03:15  
밅ontribution to the party should be considered. Having served as a chairman of the party or taking the position of standing advisor does not mean that he is a prominent figure (in the party.)

Kang Bong-gyun, the former finance minister who is considered a strong candidate for the governor of North Jeolla Province by the political group led by Independent Rep. Ahn Chul-soo, denounced on Saturday the rumor on the candidacy of Chung Dong-young, the standing advisor of the opposition Democratic Party.

Regarding the Democratic Party뭩 argument that senior members of the party should run for the local elections, namely the three major governorships in Jeolla Province, in order to prevent the rise of Ahn Chul-soo in the region, former minister Kang said, 밣utting up prominent figures as candidates does not seem to change the hearts and minds of the local people. He also added, 밡ew politics by Ahn Chul-su should take the upcoming local elections as an opportunity to make stepping stones. In that way, Korean politics will be renewed and the political circle will change.

The rumor about main opposition party뭩 senior members running for the elections started to be circulating as Rep. Park Jie-won left a possibility for him to run for the governor of South Jeolla Province. Regarding this, the party`s Secretary General Noh Woong-rae said in a radio interview that 밶nyone can be considered for candidacy if the Korean people want.

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