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Theme song of `Frozen` fascinates moviegoers
FEBRUARY 07, 2014 00:34  
밚et it go~ Let it go~.

Frozen, an animated film made by Disney, has drawn 6.48 million moviegoers as of Wednesday in Korea. Those who watched this movie say in unison that this one line of the theme song composed of six notes is completely fascinating. 밚et it go, the main theme song, has topped the daily and weekly charts of several online music sites in Korea. Since 2000, the Korean music market has been dominated by the Korea pop music and foreign pop songs have rarely made a hit. An official from KT Music said that 뱋ver the past 10 years, only Maroon 5 made it to the top 5 of the general music chart, and the popularity of this theme song is 뱕ery unprecedented.

What is the secret of this haunting melody that doesn뭪 let people sleep? The refrain is coded "A♭-E♭-Fm-D♭." This is the so-called 뱈oney code, a harmonic sequence that guarantees commercial viability. The song starts with F minor and turns into A♭ major reversing the atmosphere. The latter part composed of D♭-E♭ forms a powerful climax and leads to A♭, giving people much of a relief at the end.

Experts say that 뱖hat people should pay attention to is that the song is against the existing formula for hit songs. Lee Dae-hwa, a popular music critic, said that 밿ts sound mixing is totally different from other hit songs these days, and analyzed that 뱓he refreshing sound generating the effect of the live sound of musicals also played a great role, like Beyonce뭩 멛isten in the movie 멏ream Girls, the song greatly harmonizes with the climax of the story.

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