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`China will not allow N.K.뭩 nuke development
JANUARY 28, 2014 05:18  
On North Korea뭩 purported nuclear development, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned, 밅hina will not allow anyone to cause trouble in front of our home, the British daily Financial Times reported on Saturday.

밅hina뭩 stance is clear. We want the Korean Peninsula to be a nuclear weapons-free area, Wang said in an interview with the newspaper. 밒t is impossible for countries to have same views on all different matters in bilateral relations between countries, and this is true even between brothers as well." Clarifying Beijing뭩 objection to Pyongyang뭩 nuclear development, he also said, 밒t is true that we (China and North Korea) have some different views on certain matters, and one of them is nuclear programs. North Korea뭩 justifiable concern over its security should also be addressed.

In November last year, Wang talked on Korean Peninsula issues, 밅hina will never allow problems occurring right in front of our home. When asked 밒s China뭩 influence on North Korea declining?, Wang said, 밫he outside world often misjudged China뭩 influence on North Korea, adding, 밊undamentally, relationship between China and North Korea is a state-to-state one. He thus apparently stressed that North Korea-China relations are not special relations but relationship of ordinary countries.

On China-Japan relations, Wang frankly admitted that they are 뱕ery bad relationship. On Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe뭩 mention of an "accidental clash" between the two countries at the 2014 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, he said, 밒f the Japanese leader (Abe) closely examines records in his country, it will become clear who was the troublemaker and aggressor.

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