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Korean bobsledders show stellar performance at N. America Cup
JANUARY 11, 2014 03:56  
The South Korean bobsleigh team has won the championship of the event in the America Cup for the first time.

During the eighth round of the America Cup in Lake Placid, U.S. on Friday (Korean time), pilot Won Yoon-jong and brakeman Seo Young-woo finished first in the two-man bobsleigh event to win the gold medal after stopping the clock at 1:51.71. Both athletes achieved the feat of winning the America Cup just three years after they started bobsleighing.

The America Cup is a notch lower than the World Championship or the World Cup. Bobsleigh powers usually send their second-tier players. It was the first since the start of the America Cup that the U.S. team failed to grab the championship.

Pilot Kim Dong-hyun and brakeman Jeon Jung-rin also finished second after winning a bronze in Friday`s race. As the result, the South Korean bobleight team has grabbed two tickets to the two-man event at the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

Korean woman bobsledders Kim Seon-ok and Shin Mi-hwa won a bronze medal by finishing third in the two-woman race, clocking 1:58.62.

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