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Two American rappers filmed a music video in North Korea
JANUARY 09, 2014 05:38  
Two American rappers filmed a music video in North Korea.

The rappers known as Pacman and Peso, not yet household names in hip-hop, posted Tuesday a music video titled "Escape to North Korea" on YouTube.

Running 1.48 minutes, the video was filmed when the duo rappers visited the North late last year, and contains songs and simple body motions with background of Kumsusan Palace of the Sun and memorial tower for the foundation of Workers` Party. A scene filmed at a subway station in Pyongyang included two North Korean music videos appearing on a screen installed on the subway ceiling, with captions reading, "I lost you and can`t be a slave again," and "My country is the land where I protect with devotion."

Pacman said that they filmed a music video no one has ever thought about, adding he feels very good. "They treated us well, like I was sick out there for good two days and they took care of me until I got over the sickness," Peso said.

The two rappers told through the Internet in August last year that they wanted to film a music video in Pyongyang, and asked for crowdsourcing for fundraising. The initial target was 6,000 U.S. dollars, but the actual amount sourced reached 10,400 dollars after media including Washington Post reported it.

Four people, including filming staff and North Korea experts, visited Pyongyang for five days in late November last year. Whether they got legal permission for the shoot is not known. They filmed at a place for a short time as if they were aware of the surrounding and moved to another location.

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