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Hate Practice
Rodman visits N. Korea for a friendly game despite death threats
JANUARY 08, 2014 04:21  
Dennis Rodman who visits North Korea for a friendly game on Tuesday that though he has gotten death threats for his repeated visits, proceeds from the game would go to a charity for the deaf in North Korea.

According to the Associated Press, Rodman said that the friendly game will be a 밷irthday present for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. He added, 밒 hope people would have a different view about North Korea.

NBA Commissioner David Stern issued a statement on Monday and said, 밫he NBA is not involved with Mr. Rodman뭩 North Korea trip and would not participate or support such a venture without the approval of the U.S. State Department. He said, 밃lthough sports in many instances can be helpful in bridging cultural divides, this is not one of them.

The Associated Press also featured the tumultuous lives of six ex-All Stars including Kenny Anderson, Cliff Robinson and Vin Baker who are among Rodman뭩 entourage.

Kenny Anderson raked in 65 million dollars as an NBA player but declared bankruptcy. The former NBA star who is a father of seven kids with five different women was fired as high school coach for a DUI. Cliff Robinson who had some minor run-ins with the NBA뭩 drug policy as a player also went bankrupt recently. Doug Christie who has weddings with his wife every year produced adult films. Vin Baker who made 100 million dollars as a player struggled with alcoholism and depression in the past. He was charged with drunken driving in 2007.

Sleepy Floyd is the only one who has stable life after retirement among the Rodman뭩 squad. He works in ministry and has successful business dealings.

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