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`Have fun fishing smelt and sledding on ice`
JANUARY 03, 2014 03:13  
밪melt and trout fishing has become one of the most popular winter outdoor festivals in Korea. But should people go to some place as far as Gangwon Province to have this fun? Although winter festivals in Inje and Hwacheon in the north of Gangwon Province are famous, traveling to these cities may be a hassle for many. If you are planning a family outing to a calm and uncrowded place, 밼arming experience villages in the suburb of Seoul metropolitan city can be a good alternative. You can take part in a variety of activities such as smelt and trout fishing, ice sledding, kite-flying, jegichagi (Korean traditional outdoor game), campfire, migratory bird watching and traditional food making. Through these experiences, adults can recollect memories of their childhood, and children get excited to have new experiences.

Sumi Village (Danwol-myeon, Yangpyong-gun, Gyeonggi-do) is well-known not only for winter leisure activities such as smelt fishing but also for a variety of foods. The smelt fishing event takes place until Feb 16 in a 900 m clean water reservoir, which is located 1 km from the village and can accommodate 500 people at a time. Visitors are transported from the village to the fishing place by tractor.

Five million young fish that were bought from the freshwater fish research institute of Gyeonggi Province and released early last year have grown up, so the fishing is extremely good this winter. Near the fishing ground are foods such as fish cakes, fried smelt and seasoned smelt with vegetables. Those who purchased a package product can have these foods free of charge. Dumplings are made by residents in the village. Activities such as kite-flying, jejichigi, top-spinning game and steamed bun making are also available.

Families staying in a pension of the village are provided with various discounts. If you want to enjoy multiple activities, purchasing a package product is the most economic. A package that covers smelt fishing and all other activities except for meals for one day for one person is 35,000 won for both adults and children. For groups with 20 or more members, lodging, conference room, all-day package and four meals (including barbeque) are provided all together at 110,000 won per person.

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