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멣upplies to be delivered to Hanbit Unit in South Sudan`
JANUARY 01, 2014 03:16  
Exchange of fires between the government troops and rebel forces occurred again in north of Bor, the capital city of the State of Jonglei in South Sudan, where the Hanbit Unit of the Korean military is stationed.

Philip Aguer, the South Sudanese military spokesman, said on Tuesday, 밅urrently, White Army, the rebel forces hailing from Nuer Tribe who supports former Vice President Riek Machar, started setting on fire villages some 28 kilometers from Bor. He said the government troops and rebel forces exchanged gunfire the previous day.

South Sudanese government said White Army comprised of 25,000 soldiers, who are armed with machine guns and rockets, are marching toward Bor that is currently occupied by the government forces, heralding a massive scale combat. White Army was named as such due to its tradition where the troops applied white ash on their entire bodies to protect themselves from bugs, when engaging in war. They gruesomely killed more than 2,000 people of the Dinka tribe in Bor in 1991.

For this reason, thousands of Dinka people are fleeing Bor in fear, and heading to Juba, the capital city, the Associated Press reported. According to the U.N., hundreds of people were killed, 180,000 people deserted their homes to flee, and some 75,000 people evacuated to UN bases since a coup that erupted in South Sudan two weeks ago.

Meanwhile, the Korean military authority said, 밫hough gunfire occurred in north of Bor, it is an area quite remote from the Hanbit Unit. The Hanbit Unit has beefed up its general defense readiness, and is continuing assistance activities to help refugees there. Military supplies including ammunition that are carried airborne via two C-130H military transport planes, have yet to be delivered to the Hanbit Unit. 밢ur plan to deliver assistance by air to the site is not progressing smoothly, a Korean military source said. 밪upplies including ammunition will be delivered to the Hanbit Unit as early as Wednesday.

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