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All The K-Pop has most views on YouTube this year
DECEMBER 31, 2013 05:49  
What is the most globally viewed Korean content on YouTube this year?

It turned out that the 23rd episode of MBC Music뭩 밃ll The K-pop Entertainment Academy topped the list by the number of views among Korean contents (excluding music videos and music broadcasts) on YouTube. The episode, which covered Crayon Pop and Nine Muses, has been watched by more than three million viewers.

Idol singers solve quizzes and play games in the entertainment program. The second most viewed video clip was the 25th episode of the same program (which covered MBLAQ and SPICA) and the eighth most watched video was the 26th episode (which showed TAHITI and C-Clown). The three video clips have a combined 6.7 million views. Around 80 percent of the views are from outside Korea. The number of views is still on the rise after the program ended in August.

Rhythmic gymnast Shin Soo-ji뭩 first pitch and actress Clara뭩 first pitch ranked third and tenth, respectively. The episode of MBC뭩 밨adio Star which aired Kara뭩 Goo Hara was the fourth most watched video clip, the kiss between actor Lee Seung-gi and singer Suji in MBC뭩 밫he Gu Family Book was the fifth, and the 밐wanghae section of KBS뭩 밎ag Concert was the sixth. The episode of MBC뭩 Infinite Challenge in which comedian Jeong Hyeong-don and singer G-Dragon prepared for the Music Festival ranked seventh. The section of MNet뭩 drama 밠onstar in which actress Ha Yeon-soo and actor Kang Eui-sik sang Lee Sora뭩 song 밫he Wind Blows ranked ninth.

Korean video clips are popular on YouTube for a few reasons. They are edited and last only about 15 minutes. In addition, global demand for Korean entertainment programs has increased as a result of a larger K-pop fan base across the globe. Moreover, they have lower language barriers as Google provides automatic captioning in English.

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