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Who is real model of character in drama 멇nswer Me 1994
DECEMBER 30, 2013 04:52  
밯as character Garbage a real figure?

밃nswer Me 1994 on tvN, had a grand finale on Saturday by posting the highest viewership (11.9 percent) for a drama aired on Cable TV channels in Korea ever. Kim Jae-joon, the husband of main character Na-jeong (played by Goh A-ra), whose identity remained a puzzle to the last minute, was found to be 밎arbage (played by Jeong Woo). As the conclusion has been revealed, rumors circulated that the real figure for 밎arbage is Prof. Kim Jae-joon, chief of the Center for Health Promotion (internal medicine) at Samsung Medical Center, who has the same name as the character in the hit drama. Prof. Kim was the figure who had early diagnosis of stomach cancer in singer Kim Tae-won and conducted surgery in 밦ualifications of Men on KBS TV, when this entertainment show was produced by producer Shin Won-ho and written by scriptwriter Lee Woo-jeong. For this reason, netizens believed that 밊rom the beginning, Kim Jae-joon in the drama was the medical doctor 멒arbage.

Some raised the possibility that 밎arbage could be a medical doctor at Severance Hospital, by taking into consideration that he was a Class 90 of Yonsei University college of medicine and achieved outstanding academic performance.

Yonsei University Severance Hospital picked Prof. Han Seung-hwan, an orthopedist at Gangnam Severance Hospital, as the real figure who is most similar to 멒arbage in the drama. Han is Class 90 and hails from Seoul, but lived in Sanho-dong in Masan City, South Gyeongsang Province, Garbage뭩 hometown in the drama, during his elementary school years. He also reportedly had the nickname 밎arbage during his college years. Han said, 밃t the time, people would call 멒arbage medical students who liked to hang around unlike other ordinary medical students. There were several people who were nicknamed 멒arbage among my classmates.

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