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White House plans a dance party for first lady`s 50th birthday
DECEMBER 28, 2013 05:59  
U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama plans to hold a 밺ance party, and even dance hip hap dance at the White House on the occasion of her 50th birthday, drawing keen attention from the public.

The Chicago Tribune said on Thursday that the White House recently sent out invites to a party to celebrate the birthday of Michelle Obama, who will turn 50 on January 17. The dance party will take place on January 18, the next day after her birthday. The invite to the party, dubbed 밪nacks & Sips & Dancing & Dessert, includes tips to the invitees to wear comfortable shoes, attend after eating, and practice dancing skills. Who have been invited and who will perform at the party still remains unknown.

When asked about her 50th birthday party while visiting the Children뭩 National Medical Center in Washington last week, Michelle Obama said there would probably be dance, and Dougie, a hip hap dance, would also be performed.

Dance parties for the first ladies and their children used to take place at the White House. However, most parties hosted by the first lady have been conducted in the form of official ball, where attendees were required to wear dress and suit and tie. On Michelle Obama뭩 announcement on hip hap dance, some critics say that 밒t is not an act living up to her stature as the First Lady, and 밒t is not gracious.

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