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Hate Practice
Obama뭩 betrayal?
DECEMBER 27, 2013 04:23  
Barack Obama, the first African American president of the United States, has triggered domestic controversies by naming people disapproved by African Americans as a federal judge.

President Obama nominated 8 people for posts in U.S. federal district courts. Among four of the nominees who are from Georgia, two have been criticized by the African American community.

Michael Boggs, a judge of Appeals Court of Georgia, voted against the bill on eliminating the Confederation battle emblem from Georgia뭩 state flag. Lawyer Mike Cohen defended the Republican Party in a trial on the voting rights law of Georgia, which had limited the voting rights of ethnic minorities.

After their appointments, criticisms are mounting among African American lawmakers and leaders of Georgia뭩 African American community.

John Lewis, a Democratic representative from Georgia, said in his argument, 밫he president unilaterally nominated these people without consultation with African American lawmakers, and added, 밫he president should withdraw the nomination. Senior ministers from Georgia, such as C. T. Vivien and Joseph Lowery, said that 뱓he president made a mistake and 밶ppointing these people is an insult to the black people.

CNN reported on Wednesday that despite the criticism, it is unlikely President Obama withdraws the nomination. The news agency reported that 밶s the number of cases that judge nominees are not ratified increases, the president tends to determine the nomination after consulting with the Republican Party, and 밶s a result figures criticized by the black people are sometimes included (in the nomination). However, the White House seems not to see it a problem. It said, 밫he nominees have great qualifications to serve as a federal judge.

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