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Conductor Chung Myung-hoon releases his first-ever piano album
DECEMBER 25, 2013 03:25  
The maestro put down the baton and sat in front of a piano. Then he started whispering a secret story.

Conductor Chung Myung-hoon released his first-ever solo piano album. His second son working as a producer at world leading music label ECM had proposed it. At a seminar Tuesday, Chung said he contained messages for his granddaughters and other loved ones in the piano album.

Titled "Piano," the album was filled with props of his life. Debussy`s "Moonlight" that he played was a gift for his granddaughter Lua, and Shubert`s "Impromptu" in G flat major was played at his first son`s marriage ceremony. Chopin`s Nocturn c# minor was performed for his elder sister and violinist Chung Kyung-hwa.

"Lua likes music. She wanders around saying "papapa poong" after seeing a video of Beethoven symphony No. 5. Lua means moonlight, and I selected "Moonlight" by thinking about her. Kyung-hwa is a musician full of passion. I selected a music that we had performed together many times."

Chung Myung-hoon started his career as musician as a pianist. He made his name known globally after he won second place at the Tchaikovski piano contest in 1974. Ever since then, he paved way his career as a conductor. He sometimes played piano in chamber music stages, but it was rare for his to sit in front of a piano.

He said, "I headed that way since I had to conduct music of prominent composers, yet piano is my best friend and lover in doing music. I don`t regard myself as a pianist now, but I performed with all my heart the music that is difficult to express in orchestra."

He was going to play just two songs at the meeting. But he performed 10 while telling stories of each music. "I get to continue once I start playing," he said.

"I enjoyed recording at the La Fenice opera house in Venice, Italy in July this year. I also enjoyed this latest work and may do one again later. I am planning to make a Chopin album in a pianist concert format. I may well spend more time in practicing piano."

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