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Hotel with a story
DECEMBER 23, 2013 00:31  
Lotte Hotel in downtown Seoul showcased 밣ushkin Plaza recently. It changed the name from 밅osmology Plaza to 밣ushkin Plaza after setting up a statue of Russian writer Alexander Pushkin. The Russian Association of Proletarian Writers granted the statue holding a book in his left hand and a pen in his right hand to Korea University and Lotte Hotel offered a place for it. The hotel had a first relationship with Russia as it built Lotte Hotel Moscow in 2010 as its first overseas branch. Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Korea last month to attend the statue unveiling ceremony.

Istanbul뭩 Pera Palace is known for famous thriller writer Agatha Christie. She wrote 밠urder on the Orient Express in room 411 of the hotel. The room still remains the same as the writer described. The bright and imposing hotel makes people imagine a scene that Christie walks to the hotel after she arrived in the Sirkeci region in Istanbul, the final destination of the Orient Express.

Imperial Hotel in Wien was loved by German composer Richard Wagner. He stayed in the hotel for two months in 1875 to prepare for "Tannhauser" and 밚ohengrin. Hotel guests complained about the sound of piano but after learning that Wagner was playing the piano, they rather waited for his play. The hotel has a nameplate honoring his stay.

Many people love Pushkin뭩 poem 밒f, perhaps, life should deceive you. If, perhaps, life should deceive you, be not gloomy, be not riled! To sad days be reconciled; Days of gladness, trust, are near you. In the future the heart lasts, and the present is not cheering: All뭩 but a moment, all will pass; what has passed will be endearing."

There are many flower bouquets left by many Russians in front of the statue in Pushkin Plaza. George Bernard Shaw said, 밫he great advantage of a hotel is that it is a refuge from home life. A hotel has something that helps people forget about their daily lives. It뭩 better if it has a story.

Economics Reporter Son Hyo-lim (aryssong@donga.com)

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