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Hate Practice
Haynes under fire for violent play against Korean basketballer
DECEMBER 16, 2013 03:38  
The Korean pro basketball league, in which teams were engaged in fierce competition to secure higher places, is facing an 뱔nexpected Haynes debacle. Aaron Haynes, a foreign player with SK violently pushed with his left arm and elbow Kim Min-koo of KCC, who was backing off for defense near the three-point line in KCC뭩 court at Jamsil Students Gymnasium on Saturday. The act was taken irrespective of the ball뭩 position at the middle of the second quarter, with KCC leading 26-25. Kim Min-koo, who had totally unexpected beating in a defenseless posture without sight at Haynes, lay on the court for nearly 5 minutes before being leaving the court.

Based on a report by game analysts on Sunday, the Korea Baseball League concluded that 밫he play was an uncivilized behavior that is apparently quite intentional. Haynes reportedly exchanged unkind looks at each other with Kim after struggling for a rebound before hitting the latter. A KBL source said, 밐aynes could be seen as having exploited the moment when all players at the court were focusing their sight on swift attack.

KBL will likely hold a finance committee on Monday to discuss the matter, with a heavy penalty expected for Haynes. In January 2009, Kim Sung-cheol of Electro Land was handed two-game suspension and 3 million won (2,800 U.S. dollars) in fines for beating with his elbow Ki Seung-ho of LG. Referees who failed to recognize the situation at Saturday뭩 game will also likely be given penalty.

Jang Ji-tak, a general secretary at SK, said, 밫here was no room for an excuse. SK, which has revealed a loophole in management of its players, has suffered setback in not only its image as team but also its performance capacity. KCC뭩 Director Choi Hyeong-gil said 밫he incident became an important turning point that shifted the flow of the team. While falling down, Kim also suffered ankle injury, in expressing regret.

Haynes was levied 3 million won (2,800 U.S. dollars) in fine after for his suspected use of abusive language against KT뭩 coach Kim Seung-gi. Playing in the Korean league for the sixth year, Haynes has often been under fire for his violent play and acts despising Korean players.

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