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N. Korea launches tour including game with Rodman뭩 team
DECEMBER 16, 2013 02:03  
Foreign tourists visiting North Korea will have a chance to watch a basketball game in Pyongyang between the North Korean national team and a team taken to the North by Dennis Rodman, when the event takes place on January 8, the birth day of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Koryo Tours, a tour agency specializing in North Korea tours run by Englishmen in Beijing, advertised on Saturday, 밃 special tour product that enables tourists to watch a friendly match between the U.S. basketball team comprised of former NBA star Denis Rodman and retired NBA players and the North Korean national team has been made available. According to the tour agency, a total of 12 people can apply to participate in the 4-day tour, which will start on January 6. The tour뭩 itinerary also includes visits to major tourist attractions in Pyongyang. The travel cost, including roundtrip airfare between Beijing and Pyongyang, lodging and food, amounts to 8,946 U.S. dollars per person.

밃s tourists will use the same flight (Air Koryo) as the U.S. basketball team and lodging (Koryo Hotel), they can forge friendship with players as well, the tour agency said. It added however, 밒ndividual photo-taking is not allowed because North Korea뭩 top leaders will watch the game, hinting at Kim Jong Un뭩 attendance at the event.

Meanwhile, asked by The Dong-A Ilbo whether Rodman will meet with Kim Jong Un, the agency only said, 밒t is not an issue that we can clarify.

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