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U.S. Vice President starts Korea-China-Japan tour
DECEMBER 03, 2013 09:42  
Amid heightening risk over China`s Air Defense Identification Zone, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Tokyo Monday to start a tour of Korea, China and Japan.

The visit was urgently decided after the cancellation of President Barack Obama`s tour to Asia in September, and initially planned to focus on the "Asia focus" policy of the U.S. Due to China`s unexpected declaration of Air Defense Identification Zone, however, his visit is likely to put priority on narrowing the conflicts between Korea, China and Japan and promote regional stabilization.

The meeting between Vice President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping will gain the most attention. The vice president is known to express concerns on China`s unilateral imposition of the Air Defense Identification Zone, and demand explanation. Negative views, however, are already prevailing ahead of the U.S. vice president visit to China that the two countries may reach deadlock on the issue.

Wall Street Journal reported Sunday that there is high possibility that the U.S. and China would make ambiguous results like "we will make efforts to resolve differences." New York Times also predicted low possibility for the Obama administration to pressure China by saying bitter words since it is making efforts to embrace China.

U.S. Vice President`s visit to Seoul on Friday will likely focus on the issue of expanding Korean Air Defense Identification Zone. On Korea`s promotion of Air Defense Identification Zone expansion on the airs of Ieo Island, Vice President Biden will not welcome it, according to diplomatic circles in Washington. He is also likely to present opinions on the U.S. approach to North Korean nuclear issue after the settlement of Iran nuclear talks.

While Vice President Biden adjusts Korea and Japan`s responses to China over the Air Defense Identification Zone issue, how the conflict between Korea and Japan over past history will have effect is gaining attention. Vice President Biden announced his plans to urge Japan solve history issues. However, it remains in question whether he will lead to Japan`s change of attitude that Korea can accept. Critics say that as the vice president stresses U.S.-Japan alliances, he can officially support the expansion of self defense rights.

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