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Democratic Party accepts 3-way talks
SEPTEMBER 14, 2013 03:38  
The main opposition Democratic Party accepted on Friday 뱓hree-way talks at the National Assembly of President Park Geun-hye, and ruling and main opposition party leaders, which had been proposed by the presidential office. Hence, a three-way meeting involving President Park, Saenuri Party chairman Hwang Woo-year, and Democratic Party chairman Kim Han-gil are set to take place at the National Assembly on Monday.

밒 will accept three-way talks proposed by the presidential office, Kim said at the party뭩 supreme council meeting held at his party뭩 tent office at Seoul Plaza in front of Seoul City Hall. On the agenda of the talks, Kim suggested recovery of democracy through solid commitment and bold decision to end the National Intelligence Service뭩 intervention in elections and politics; President Park뭩 apology for current situation where democracy is facing a crisis; and judicial punishment for the malign practice of the spy agency뭩 intervention in politics, and personnel and institutional termination of such practices. 밐ow much President Park owed the state spy agency (for her election) is not the main issue of discussions. We want her to apologize not because she instructed, Kim said, thus clarifying that his party뭩 demand for the president뭩 apology is not meant to deny the results of the presidential election.

On the Democratic Party뭩 acceptance of offer for talks, presidential press secretary Lee Jung-hyun said, 밒 think it is a good thing, in welcoming the decision.

However, it is premature to judge that the Democratic Party will start to take steps to normalize the National Assembly from the three-way talks as turning point. 밨ather than the talks themselves, generating practical and useful results is important, a Democratic Party source said. 밪pecific time and venue will be discussed.

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