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Hate Practice
Man kills ex-lover after court rejects arrest warrant for him
APRIL 24, 2012 05:38  
A man has murdered his ex-girlfriend after a court rejected an arrest warrant for him by police, Seoul police said Monday. He had arrested for the alleged sexual assault after locking up the victim.

According to police in Seoul`s Geumcheon district Saturday, they arrested an ethnic Korean man from China on the charge of killing the woman, also a Korean Chinese, with a deadly weapon.

The man, 43, had been arrested April 1 on the charge of taking the woman, 44, to his house March 21, locking her up for four days, and raping her. Police had requested an arrest warrant for him, but a court rejected it due to contradictory statements from both people.

"Before locking the woman up, the man sent her text messages a number of times saying he would kill her with a knife," police said.

The suspect told the police that he accidentally met his ex-girlfriend near his home and argued over money. Frustrated, he took a knife from his home and went to the woman`s residence and killed her, he added.

They lived together since they met in August last year, but the woman dumped him over a personality clash. The two are known to have had trouble with living costs.

The suspect fled Saturday after he committed his crime but one day later, he was eventually caught in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province. His location was identified after he called his family with a friend`s mobile phone.

A police source said, "When the man was released, we offered police protection to the woman, but she rejected it.

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