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S.Korea to convene UN Security Council if NK launches rocket
APRIL 11, 2012 07:52  
South Korea said Tuesday that if North Korea proceeds with its planned launch of a long-range rocket, Seoul will immediately convene a meeting of the U.N. Security Council to urge the adoption of a resolution against Pyongyang.

In a foreign affairs and security policy coordination meeting, diplomacy and national security-related ministers discussed what to do if the launch goes on as planned. Seoul plans to assemble the U.N. Security Council as soon as Pyongyang is confirmed to have launched the rocket, and form close collaboration with major powers to jointly cope with the situation.

A South Korean government source said, 밯e seek the adoption of a resolution that is one notch stronger than a chairman뭩 statement, adding, 밒t won`t be easy, but we`re making preparations under the view to taking the highest level of countermeasures.

When North Korea launched a long-range rocket in 2009, the U.N. Security Council issued a chairman뭩 statement eight days later. But Seoul this time wants the council to adopt a resolution in faster time.

Since the U.N. Security Council is chaired by the U.S. this month, it will likely be assembled immediately upon request by South Korea, The way China responds to the council뭩 move, however, will determine the format and contents of countermeasures. If Beijing opposes the adoption of a resolution, council members can compromise by issuing a chairman뭩 statement that contains a stronger warning against the North.

Countries are reportedly considering independent sanctions of their own. In the case of U.S., if a revision bill to the Act on Non-proliferation in Iran, North Korea and Syria clears Congress, Washington can impose financial sanctions similar to those handed down on Banco Delta Asia, an action which cut off monetary supply to the North`s communist regime.

White House spokesman Jay Carney warned Pyongyang in a regular news briefing Monday that if it launches a long-range rocket, it will constitute an act of aggression and violation of its international obligations, adding an additional underground nuclear test will also represent an act of aggression.

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