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Hate Practice
AUGUST 31, 2006 06:56  
Moon Jeong-hyeok Chooses Interesting Roles

Moon Jeong-hyeok is a member of 밪hinhwa, a music group of six boys. Known more as Eric, his singer name, he is now reshaping his career as a TV actor in his 8th year in the entertainment world. His different roles in MBC dramas, 밊irebird (2004) and 밪uper Rookie, (2005) received different reviews.

밪eo Jeong-min뭩 character in 멑irebird was so different from me. It was difficult for me to pose and act like a chic man. I think that뭩 why my acting looked so awkward.

Moon뭩 Choi Kang character in 밒nvincible Parachutist is similar to his Kang Ho character in 밪uper Rookie뵕a tough unemployed man with an embarrassing sense of humor. The production team hesitated to cast him because Shinhwa뭩 Asia tour schedule overlaps with the drama schedule, but he implored them to cast him.

밙ang Ho and Choi Kang are full of fun and blunders. They are just me. Their unfitting but frank action is like me when I am with members of Shinhwa, friends, or my family.

Moon chooses roles by the standard of how 밿nteresting they are. 밪uper Rookie and 밒nvincible Parachutist are dramas with cartoon-like exciting stories.

밒 like cartoons a lot. I like a drama with unrealistic nonsense stories and characters. I뭢 acting with excitement as if I read a cartoon.

Injury and Misunderstandings

Moon was injured during the shooting of 밯olf, an MBC TV drama, early this year. In shooting a scene in which he should protect Han Ji-min from a rushing car, both of them were hit by the car. The drama was pulled off only after four episodes.

밒t took a long while to recover from the injury. I haven뭪 fully recovered yet, so I had to start working out in the gym two weeks before beginning this drama. I뭢 eating lunch meals packed by my mother to nourish my body.

There was a double contract debate. Moon was criticized as 밿rresponsible for his decision to take part in 밪weet Guy, a drama planned by Opus 101, and 밒nvincible Parachutist about the same time.

밒 read a draft of 멣weet Guy in early May and said, 멛ooks interesting. I asked them to send me the script and their schedule until August 10, but there was no reply. I then decided to take part in 멗nvincible Parachutist.뮅

Moon cut his hair short to transform himself into Choi Kang character. He has not had this short hair style since Shinhwa뭩 second album. His role in the drama is a 뱎arachutist, but his eyes are twinkling with passion for acting.

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