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Hate Practice
Gonggil뭩 Theme
MAY 10, 2006 02:59  
#1 밢h, I really don뭪 know the identity

Such were the words from Lee Byung-woo (41), the 밽uy who likes music, who was interviewed at a studio at Yeoksam-dong, Seoul, at 11:00 p.m. on May 9.

From the beginning to the end of the interview, his response was, 밒 don뭪 know. He never revealed the details of his 밚ee Byung-woo Cinema Music Concert to be held in the main auditorium of Sejong Center, nor the secret of his 밙ing and the Clown original soundtrack. The only clear fact was his schedule, which was booked full until the end of the year.

밫he soundtrack for the movie 멑or Horowitz is due out soon. I am currently putting the finishing touches on music for the movie 멝onster, and later this year I will start work on director Choi Yang-il뭩 멏ouble Casting (tentative name) and a few other movies. Gosh, now I can say myself that I am a 몀ovie soundtrack producer.뮅

Having debuted as a guitarist of the group 밢ne Day in 1984, he now holds a cinema music concert with a 15-person orchestra and a huge multi screen, creating a self-fulfilling role of a music director. 밙ing and the Clown, 밪candal, 밠y Beautiful Girl, Mari, 밫he Most Beautiful Week of My Life, and his recent 밠onster will be featured in his 2-hour 밚isten and Watch concert, in which 10 cinema music pieces of his production will be featured. It is a new challenge for him.

밒 am a guitarist, but I now seem to be in my prime as a movie soundtrack producer. I dream of being like the Italian movie songwriter Ennio Morricone, my role model. I may achieve the dream if I try hard every moment.

#2 Soundtracks are like baseball

Valedictorian of the classic guitar department at the Vienna National School of Music in Austria, a scholarship to Peabody Institute in the United States, five solo albums꿣ut contrary to his extraordinary music career he was a 뱓imid movie songwriter, as shown in the way he kept his hands folded together throughout the interview.

밒뭢 chastised by my colleagues every day. That뭩 because I don뭪 insist upon my music. Music produced for films are different from my private music, so I always empty my mind, and listen to what the director, the actors, and other people have to say. 멚ing and the Clown was also produced in the same way.

When asked what is his favorite soundtrack, he answered again, 밒 don뭪 know. He barely responded, 밠usic is like baseball; it뭩 hard to give assessments until the season ends.

밫here is difficult cinema music. Comedy, for one thing. When I composed the soundtrack for 멦he Piano-playing President, I made my music as comical as possible, but the producer was not amused. It was beyond my abilities, so I gave up.

Instead of his 뱋ther half, or his guitar, nowadays he sits in front of the computer and produces music with the click of a mouse.

밠y album 멟ne Day produced back in the 1980s has finally received acclaim. My music must be accepted only after 10 years. That is why I am more excited about the future than the present.

Inquiries should be made to : 02-515-6560

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