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Hate Practice
Weekend Date: Lee Yo-won
MAY 12, 2005 23:23 by Jung-Bo Suh ( suhchoi@donga.com)
Actress Lee Yo-won (25) kept rolling up and down the tip of her scarf throughout her interview. Her shy smile came first when asked by reporters.

We met Lee Yo-won on May 10 at a shooting place in Bucheon, Gyeonggi Province. She plays the role of a genius designer named 밆eomi in the drama series, 밊ashion 70s, to be aired on SBS from May 23 on Monday and Tuesday (at 9:55 p.m.). She made a comeback two years after her marriage in 2003 when she decided to quit her job.

밯hen producer Lee Jae-kyu offered me the role, I mulled it over day and night for two days. I was worried that the audience would gossip about me if I made a comeback. I am not the only one who gets mocked now. While she starred in the drama series titled, 밆ae Mang (Big Dreams) (2002) that aired on SBS for the last time before marriage, she said, I am not the type for the entertainment industry. It seemed as if she preferred to live a simple life as a housewife instead of receiving the spotlight in the entertainment industry.

She said, 밒t is not only a historical drama series but also its producer that attracted me. Producer Lee is the one who produced 멏a Mo, the MBC drama series. I chose to be on the show because I liked the story line. It is not a typical love story, but a story of life and success. My husband encouraged me, saying, 멏on뭪 pay too much attention to what others say.뮅 The show 밊ashion 70s depicts the love and ambitions of four youths against the backdrop of the fashion industry and upper class in the 1970s. Deomi in the series made a surprising debut as a genius designer who succeeded in designing the Bohemian hippie look that was a hit in the 1970s.

She said, 밆eomi says whatever she wants to say if it is deemed right. In the advertisement kit, she is described as a 멝ozart type of person, but in fact she is strong outside, but scared and innocent inside. You will see a totally different character from the fragile and weak girls I played in previous series like 멊lue Fog, and 멏ae Mang before I got married.

Lee뭩 appearance is more suited for a historical drama series. She admitted herself as a traditionally beautiful actress, saying, 밯hile I was on 멚kok Ji, the drama series that aired on KBS in 2002, those around me used to tell me I was more suited for historical roles. It is said that while Kim Min-jung in 밊ashion 70s is more like a rose blossoming bright, Lee Yo-won is more like a mild chrysanthemum in a pastel tone.

Maybe because she is a mother of a two-year-old girl, her passion for acting has become even stronger. She said, 밄efore I got married, I thought I could make it up if I don뭪 do it well now, but soon I realized I was arrogant. Now, I feel how precious each scene is. I am working on it now as if it were my 멿ast work.

She is also working on the new movie, 밎wang-tae, Gwang-shik뭩 Brother, to be released in August. Producer Lee Jae Kyu said, 밆eomi, who used to live in a rich family, makes a successful recovery overcoming a miserable life, and I believe Lee Yo-won would be able to act it well.

Whenever she was asked about her husband, a professional golfer, Park Jin-woo, and her child, her personal agent stopped it, saying, 밡o questions about her privacy please. Lee seemed to think her family life should be left untouched. On her marriage for two years, she said, 밃ll I did was cooking, laundry, and watching soap operas, and I wouldn뭪 have made a comeback as an actress without my husband뭩 support.

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