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Hate Practice
Gong Hyo-jin Turns Into Giddy Young Teacher
APRIL 11, 2005 23:28  
밳ou can put away the image of the cold, steel-like actress Gong Hyo-jin. I will not be holding back anything with my comical side that I have kept inside me for so long.

TV Talent Gong Hyo-jin (26) is turning into a school teacher that takes charge in the town alleyways. She will be featured in SBS뭩 new mini-series 밫he Hardtack Teacher and Sugar Candies for Wednesdays and Thursdays as impulsive high school teacher 밡a Bo-ri. It뭩 her first TV series after 20 months since 밚et뭩 Go To School, Sangdoo, a KBS mini-series that aired in 2003.

She played the role of a school teacher, 밅hae Eun-hwan, in 밪angdoo, too. Counting 밠emento Mori: the Second Ghostly High School Tale and 밡o Manners, in which she was featured as a high school student, she seems to have a deep affinity with schools.

밒f Chae Eun-hwan in Sangdoo was a teacher trapped in a certain set of rules, 멞a Bo-ri is a hotheaded teacher, who will run around and take over the alleyways of her town. She would go out of control at times, but she keeps her hopes and dreams alive.

Na Bo-ri was a town legend in her high school days as the 밄oss. But she뭩 different from any other so-called 밄osses of the neighborhood. She accidentally 뱎acifies all the 밼ighters of top-level school gangs when the alleyway wall collapses on them just before they beat her witless. So she becomes the 밄oss by luck, rather than for her 밹ombat skills.

밫he Hardtack Teacher and Sugar Candies is a drama that will comically roll out a number of episodes at a high school to depict issues like teacher-student relationships and school violence. Na Bo-ri, who was kicked out of high school, decides to become a teacher because she could not forget the 뱎retty boy art teacher she loved. However, the journey to becoming a teacher, fresh out of a college in a provincial town, is long and hard. But by a stroke of luck, she becomes a temporary language teacher under the condition of keeping an eye on Park Tae-in, a good-for-nothing son of a chairman at her home school, Jung-seok High School. The Gongs have come together for the show.

밒 wouldn뭪 be surprised if Mr. Gong Yu and I share the same DNA. Even the family origin (Gokbu Gong) is the same, and we seem to have a similar sense of humor. I뭢 afraid that this might stir up a scandal.

Gong Hyo-jin will be doing her own stunts, only befitting for her role of a teacher with a reputation of being the 뱇egendary fighting champion. She does not spare an ounce of strength when filming scenes where she has to scramble in midair on a rope or fight with a pole.

밠y body is well built for fighting. It toughened up hanging around boys in my high school days I spent in Australia. Don뭪 you agree that my life-like fighting action is one of the finest around?

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