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Hate Practice
Singer and Actress Eugene뭩 Wishes for the Year of the Rooster
DECEMBER 31, 2004 23:03 by Jung-Bo Suh (suhchoi@donga.com)
밒 want to try a romantic comedy in the New Year. Something like Julia Roberts 멞otting Hill.뮅

For Eugene, 2004 was the best year since her debut.

Her second solo album 810303, which showcased her sexy and provocative side, became a bestseller and wiped out the memory of her underachieving first effort. In the SBS series 밚ast Dance with Me, her second attempt at acting since KBS2뭩 밚oving You (2002), she showed off her acting chops.

Naturally, we wondered about the secret behind her improved acting skills.

밣eople tell me that I communicate my lines well and that my acting is more restrained. But I뭢 not sure if I뭭e improved or not. I do seem to be better at maintaining the emotions of the character.

Eugene explains that she hasn뭪 been able to sleep lying down in six days due to repeated all-night shoots. She is getting by on an hour or two of snatched sleep here and there.

밚ast Dance with Me was extended from a 16-part series to a 20-part series after recording ratings of over 25 percent. She stars as a simple country girl, a character similar to the female diver from Jeju Island she played in 밚oving You.

밒뭢 from Seoul, so I뭢 not exactly simple and unsophisticated. I guess I keep getting cast in such roles because I뭢 remembered for the pure and innocent image I had when I debuted in S.E.S. But personality-wise, my character Eunsu is quite like me: unaffected and spirited.

On the show, Eugene had no qualms about sporting an unfashionably rustic style, complete with bangs and a ponytail. Despite her urban looks, she seems more believable in the character of a young woman from the country.

Innocence and sexiness: can such contradictory images coexist in one person?

밒 want to be sexy without dressing up as sexy, and look innocent without trying to look innocent.

She뭩 greedy when it comes to work: she wants to do both singing and acting, to have both innocence and sex appeal.

When told about the characteristics associated with those born in the year of the rooster, she says that they뭨e generally applicable to her own personality except for the 뱑ich imagination and the 뱓endency to daydream and to be a bit of a spendthrift. Her manager quips that she뭩 밶 miser who hardly ever buys expensive clothes and enjoys plebeian snacks like stir-fired rice cakes.

Her hopes and plans for the New Year?

밯hen I뭢 done with my TV show, I want to take a trip to Japan and try my hand at a movie. Oh, and I also realized recently that you can experience great happiness over trivial things. Although I can뭪 visit my parents very often, I intend to call them whenever I can.

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