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Training Commanders at Naval Air Force Promoted to Lieutenant Generals
OCTOBER 15, 2004 23:02 by Ho-Won Choi (bestiger@donga.com)
On Friday, October 15, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) carried out a regular promotion for 105 lieutenant generals and those ranking under that, including the promotion of major general Song Ki-seok (29th class of the Korea Military Academy, KMA), director of operations for the joint chief of staffs, to a lieutenant general (commanding general), and transferred six lieutenant generals.

The personnel department also promoted Lim Choong-bin (29th class, KMA), director of the training and doctrine command, to lieutenant general, and the ranks of training commanders at the naval force and air force, Major General Nam Hae-il (26th class of the Republic of Korea Naval Academy) and Major General Bae Chang-shik (21st class of the Korean Air Force Academy, KAFA), rose to lieutenant generals.

The MND appointed Lieutenant General Kim Seong-il (20th class of KAFA) to chief director of defense intelligence, Lieutenant General Bang Pan-chil (8th class of the Reserve Officers Training Corps) to chief director of personnel and logistics at joint chiefs of staff, Lieutenant General Kim Seon-hong (28th class of KMA) to superintendent at KMA, Lieutenant General Ryu Woo-shik (28th class of KMA) to inspector general of the Republic of Korea Army, and Lieutenant General Yoon Yeon (25th class of the Republic of Korea Naval Academy) to commanding general of the Republic of Korea fleet command.

Lieutenant general Kim Seong-man (25th class of the Republic of Korea Naval Academy), commanding general of the Republic of Korea fleet command who had received a written admonition from the MND minister for the omission of reporting the hotline failure at the West Sea in July, was transferred to the superintendent position at the Republic of Korea Naval Academy.

The personnel reorganization for generals, which was planned for this month, was directed by President Roh Moo-hyun last month and is to be carried out at the beginning of next year when the terms of the generals finish.

Ten of those with major general rankings or under, including Brigadier General Jang Jong-dae (32nd class of KMA), were promoted to major generals and also heads of divisions, and five individuals at the naval forces including Brigadier General Doh Jong-chil (29th class of Republic of Korea Naval Academy) and four at the air forces including Brigadier General Lee Kwang-hee (22nd class of KAFA) were promoted to major generals.

Colonel Ahn Jeong-hoon (52 years of age, 71st term of reserved officers) was promoted to brigadier general in thirty years after reserved Brigadier General Min Byung-kyu.

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