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Warning of Hacker Activity on July 7th
JULY 04, 2003 21:53 by Ho-Won Choi (bestiger@donga.com)
The Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) issued an emergency warning Friday against computer hacking due to the international hacking competition to be held on July 7 in the U.S.

The online competition, to be held by underground hacker groups, will select as its winner the sole hacker who breaks into as many Internet sites as possible in a span of six hours.

Websites in Korea, in particular, are highly susceptible to hacking as they are often targets of hackers due to the high penetration rate of high-speed Internet networking and lack of viable security, said a Ministry spokesperson.

Accordingly, the MIC advanced its internet warning on July 4, three days ahead of the scheduled competition on July 7.

The Information and Communication Ministry sent notifications to its umbrella agencies, communications carriers, and Korea Internet Corporations Association to call for caution, and asked the National Police Agency (NPA) for cooperation. In addition, the Korea Information Security Agency plans to provide services for prevention of hacking and restoration of websites from July 5 to 8.

The U.S. government and computer experts warned Wednesday that hackers will attempt to attack thousands of Internet sites during the competition.

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