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SBS Ups Ante on `Land of Drink` After Phenomenal `All In`
APRIL 03, 2003 22:27 by Seung-Jae Lee (sjda@donga.com)
SBS will air the new series `Land of Drink` at 9:50 p.m. every Wednesday and Thursday beginning April 9. The TV network is hoping the series will follow in the footsteps of its predecessor `All In.`

It is a story about a young devoted couple fighting to revive traditional liquor. In the end, they will make big money by successfully producing traditional liquor.

Actor Kim Jae-won known for his charming smile and actress Kim Min-jung known for her beautiful lips, who earlier co-starred in the SBS series `Rivals,` will play a young couple caught in a family feud. Sun-hee (Kim Min-jung) loves but also hates Suh-joon (Kim Jae-won) after her father dies due to the betrayal by Suh`s father.

This is the first time that Kim, who has been acting 13 years since she was very young, takes on a major role.

˝I often cried after shooting. I found my acting fell short of my own expectations,˝ she said.

In order to prepare for her role in the series, she drank about a bottle of Baeseju a day, And learned how to make traditional liquor, like fermenting and brewing rice. She also read the comic book series `Family of Drink` as often as she could.

˝It is surprisingly scientific,˝ she said of the process of brewing. ˝I like trying anything, whether food or drink so viewers will find many interesting scenes.˝

Kim successfully played a bad girl in `Rivals` as a rival to heroine So Yu-jin.

˝There was a scene in that series in which I kissed Kim forcefully. That time I felt nothing. But this time, it was different. It might be because I was playing a woman in love, she said.

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