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Hate Practice
밡ow, I am a Perfect Woman
DECEMBER 13, 2002 22:57  
Transgender entertainer, Harisoo (27) is reborn as a 몆erfect woman.

Chief of Incheon district court, Hwang In-haeng stated on 13th that he allowed changing sex in Ms. Ha뭩 family registration from 몀ale to 멹emale and name also from 멛ee Gyeong-yub to 멛ee Gyeong-eun, regarding application of Ms. Ha for changing name and family registration.

Chief Hwang stated regarding the decision, 밒t is right to regard Ms. Ha as woman physically as he was found disqualified in physical test for military service, though Ms. Ha뭩 sex gene is male.

Dept. of justice added, 밒t is natural to accept the application considering her human dignity, value and right for pursuit of happiness as he is living as woman after operation for gender transformation from man to woman.

Kim Gwang (43), chief of TTM that Ms. Ha belongs to, said, 밐arisoo has become a perfect woman according to law, too and added, 밪he is happy that she can marry fairly, receiving blessings from people, after finishing entertainment.

This case is to allow transsexuals who had a sex-change operation due to mental obstacle of sex identification to change their sex in the family registration and this is likely to lead many domestic transsexuals to apply for their sex change.

On the other hand, Doctor Jo Jung-hyun in Seoul Mizmedi Hospital said, 밠s. Ha can have sexual life like other women and though pregnancy is impossible, she can adopt a baby after marriage.

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