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Hate Practice
Actor Goes From Killer to Professional Casanova
APRIL 29, 2008 08:17  
Actor Ha Jeong-woo has gone from cold-blooded murderer to a professional Casanova whom women pay to be with.

In his new movie, 밫he Moonlight of Seoul (밄eastie Boys in Korean), the actor plays a man who serves drinks and dances with women at a host bar.

The role is a substantial departure from the brutal killer he played in the hit thriller 밫he Chaser, which attracted five million viewers nationwide.

In 밠oonlight, Ha plays Jae-hyeon, who lives for the day, talks big and tries to con people. While using his roommate/girlfriend to get 50 million won, he brings other women to their home. Instead of being driven away by his brazenness, plenty of women seem eager to vie for his affection.

To perfect his role, Ha said he read interviews of 200 men who worked at host bars and met some of them. He told the Dong-A Ilbo, 밪ome of these guys are real professionals. They know how to get their clients to open their wallets. They even have detailed manuals to win their hearts.

So what did Ha learn from them?

밊irst, you need to maintain your pride as a man, he said. 밫his means you should never let women pay for meals even if she is loaded. Second, you need to give the impression that you are available and accessible so that these women can easily approach you.

Ha is known as an outgoing and energetic person who brings life to the set, but says he is a relatively reserved man.

밒 rarely talk when I am with my family, he said. 밄ut my quietness has not exactly worked to my advantage in my career, and that is why I tried to become an outgoing person.

밠oonlight is the second collaboration between Ha and director Yoon Jong-bin following 밫he Unforgiven in 2005. When offered the role of Jae-hyeon while shooting 밫he Chaser, Ha immediately accepted without reading the script.

밳oon and I are quite close to each other, he said. 밯e watch [Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher] Park Chan-ho뭩 games together and talk about the English Premier League all the time.

밐owever, we are perfectly professional when shooting a film, not hesitating to point out what needs improvement in each other뭩 performance. I tell him when I feel lines do not match the character and ask him to change them.

Ha뭩 father is actor Kim Yong-geon. On Kim뭩 opinion of his son뭩 cinematic success, Ha said his tight-lipped father congratulated him once and that was it, adding Kim does not give him tips or feedback on acting.

On what role he wants to play next, Ha was quick to answer 밶 good-hearted farmer in an inspirational drama, as if he had waited for the question.

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