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Ask the Zealots for Best Actor and Actress!
DECEMBER 25, 2003 23:08  
The season is nearing its close with the drama of the three broadcasting companies announcing their best actors and actresses.

The 2003 MBC Best Acting Awards will be at 9:55 p.m. December 30, the 2003 KBS Best Acting Awards at 9:20 p.m. and the 2003 SBS Best Acting Awards at 8:50 p.m. on December 31.

The MBC Best Acting Awards are drawing the most attention with their hit parade of popular dramas such as 밅at on the Roof, 밯oman Living across the Street, 밆amo, the Josun Detective and 밆aejanggeum. These dramas have met with popularity from viewers as well as influenced social trends such as premarital cohabitation, extra-marital affairs and the phenomenon of lunatics.

For the MBC Best Acting Awards, the candidates for best actor and actress are Ha Ji-won of 밆amo, Lee Young-ae of 밆aejanggeum, Sohn Hyun-ju of 밯oman Living across the Street and Kim Rae-won of 밅at on the Roof.

The competition between Ha Ji-won and Lee Young-ae will be the theme of the year. Those who are nuts about Damo and fans of Lee Young-ae are already debating fiercely on the Internet as to who should be the best actress of the year. 밯e cannot concede to the 뱇unatics of Damo in the Internet voting, say the fans on Daejanggeum뭩 Internet bulletin board. 밆amo will crush Daejanggeum to the ground, say fans of Damo. Some of the fans are already exchanging barbs while bluntly criticizing each other뭩 main characters.

Meanwhile, Yang Mi-gyeong, who played the court lady Han in Daejanggeum, is enjoying popularity comparable to that of Lee Young-ae, but is excluded from awards such as Best Acting, Second-Best Acting and Popularity Award voted on by netizens, all of which is causing viewer complaints. She was only nominated for the 밪pecial Award.

The fans are raising their voices in criticism, saying, 밯e question the fairness of the nomination. Lee Jae-gap, vice chief of MBC뭩 drama center, explains, 밫he Best Acting and Second Best Acting go to the leading roles, and the supporting roles such as the one that Yang Mi-gyeong played customarily are awarded with the Special Award. One netizen, going by the user-id KREATINE, suggested, 밪o, the supporting roles can never perform well enough to deserve the Best Acting award? It is better to divide the awards into different categories such as Female and Male Best Leading Role and Best Supporting Role.

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