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Hate Practice
Kim `Feels No Pressure` to Win Olympic Gold Medal
DECEMBER 21, 2009 14:03  
밒 no longer feel pressure to win the (Olympic) gold medal.

World figure skating champion Kim Yu-na, 19, said this in a media event Saturday for reporters from both in and out of Korea at the Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club.

In an unprecedented move, she invited reporters to see her train for an hour. Since the end of the Grand Prix Final in Tokyo, she has been practicing her jumps while taking a rest over the past two weeks.

She admitted to the pressure she felt at three Grand Prix events this season. 밒 decided not to think about winning the gold medal in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics in February for the time being. Right now, I뭢 free from pressure, she said.

밒뭢 aware that the Olympics are full of surprises and that one could happen to me. For the time being, however, I only think about how I can and should do well.

On her future plans, Kim said, 밒뭭e always dreamed of competing in the Olympics and will continue training as I뭭e always done. I want to pull off a great performance with the conviction that I can do well.

Her coach Brian Orser said, 밒 know the pressure she is facing more than anyone else. She is, however, mature enough to control her own emotional condition.

Planning to begin full-fledged training Monday, Kim ran 300 meters in Hamilton, Ontario, as one of the torchbearers for the Vancouver Olympics Sunday.

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