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Ohno Gracious After Ahn Skates to Gold
FEBRUARY 20, 2006 03:01 by Sung-Kyu Kim (kimsk@donga.com)
The Olympic men뭩 1,000m short-track final yesterday was identical to the men뭩 1,500m final on February 13. Korea뭩 Ahn Hyun-soo and Lee Ho-suk finished one-two once again. The only difference was the presence of American skater Apollo Anton Ohno, who had dropped out early in the 1,500m event.

Ohno lost.

밪aturday night`s competition at the Palavela proved that if you put the world`s best short-track skaters on the ice and they all stay on their skates, the South Koreans will win. It`s that simple, the Los Angeles Times reported.

밃hn proved himself to be the world뭩 best short-track skater and closed the book on the disputed past, the New York Times reported.

Before the race, some U.S. media outlets reported that Ohno, accused of stealing Kim Dong-sung뭩 gold at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics, would finally have the chance to prove he was the real champion.

In the aftermath of Ohno뭩 defeat, American reporters asked Ahn whether he enjoyed beating Ohno better than winning the 1,500m gold, and what his victory meant to South Korea. Questions on the Kim Dong-sung incident in 2002 were also asked.

Ohno, who likes to introduce himself as a champion, showed modesty at yesterday뭩 press conference. When asked why he threw his hands in the air after crossing the finish line in a way similar to what observers called an 뱋verreaction that may have caused Kim뭩 disqualification four years ago, Ohno said, "That was my way of saying, 멬ow, I couldn`t believe how fast it was. It was more throwing my arms up, like, man, there was no room to move."

Regarding the race뭩 outcome, Ohno said that his goal was to reach the finals and that he was happy to complete his collection of medals in gold, silver and bronze. Ohno also praised Ahn뭩 three world short-track skating championships.

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