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Hate Practice
UN chief gets down `Gangnam Style` with rapper Psy
OCTOBER 25, 2012 04:16  
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stepped out of his normal routine Tuesday by doing the horseriding dance with Korean rapper Psy at Ban`s office in U.N. headquarters in Manhattan, New York.

Appointed a goodwill ambassador of UNICEF, Psy visited Ban뭩 office prior to attending a UNICEF event at the Korean permanent mission to the U.N. in the afternoon. When Psy entered his office, Ban told both Korean and foreign reporters, 밳ou are seeing the most famous and second-most famous Koreans in the world.

Ban told Psy, 밒 envy (Psy) a bit, hinting that the world`s most famous Korean was the rapper. "Somebody told me to give up my status as the most famous Korean. I feel no regret, however. I`d like to see more Koreans win global fame," Ban said. The U.N. chief뭩 wife Yoo Soon-taek also told Psy, 밳ou look more handsome in person than on TV.

Ban added, 밳ou are truly cool. Cool Psy could bring an end to global warming and since you are so energetic, you can be a solution to the global energy crisis, causing everyone to burst into laughter.

When Ban said he watched Psy`s "Gangnam Style" music video on YouTube many times, the rapper said, 밫he very fact that you clicked the video is a great honor for me, and today will serve as momentum for my life.

Ban said, 밒 watched you teach the horseback riding dance to celebrities on TV, mimicking dance gestures and chanting 뱋ne two, one two. At the request of attending reporters, the U.N. chief danced together with Psy.

밫ruly tough negotiations take place at the U.N., and I thought to myself that if `Gangnam Style` is played, negotiators will grow more cooperative and friendly. I expect Psy to bring about 멪.N. Style.뮅

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