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Minister Ban Asks U.S. To Be Careful in North Korea-Related Speeches
JUNE 22, 2005 06:00 by Seung-Ryun Kim Jung-Hun Kim (srkim@donga.com jnghn@donga.com)
One high official of the U.S. State Department repeatedly called North Korea an 뱋utpost of tyranny on June 21. Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs Paula Dobriansky said at a seminar titled, 밃merica`s Mission: Debating Strategies for the Promotion of Democracy and Human Rights," held at the Hudson Institute on the same day, 밡orth Korea, Myanmar, Zimbabwe and Cuba are outposts of tyranny.

It is noteworthy how North Korea would respond to a situation where Under Secretary Dobriansky뭩 remarks came almost at the same time with the comment of North Korean Deputy Ambassador to the UN Han Song Ryol at an interview with Yonhap News. He said, 밨esuming the six-party talks would be possible if there is restraint on the part of the U.S. from using the words 몂utpost of tyranny for one month.

South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon made a comment on Under Secretary Dobriansky뭩 remarks, saying, 밒t is regrettable for a high U.S. official to call North Korea an 몂utpost of tyranny, which is not good for the two Koreas efforts to have a reconciliatory atmosphere.

He added, 밒t is early for President Roh Moo-hyun to address the issue himself, but, if necessary, President Roh will make a phone call to President Bush to ask for assistance on the matter.

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