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Bush Again Urges North Korea to Abandon Its Nuclear Weapon Program
JULY 13, 2004 22:16 by Soon-Taek Kwon (maypole@donga.com)
U.S president George W Bush once again urged North Korea and Iran to abandon nuclear weapon development on July 12.

President Bush said in his speech at the Oak Ridge National Nuclear Laboratory in Tennessee where nuclear weapons from Libya are stored, 밯e`re working with responsible governments and international institutions to convince the leaders of North Korea and Iran that their nuclear weapons ambitions are deeply contrary to their own national interests," Bush said.

Bush claimed: 밫hree years ago, a private weapons proliferation network was doing business around the world. This network, operated by the Pakistani nuclear scientist A. Q. Khan, was selling nuclear plans and equipment to the highest bidder, and found willing buyers in places like Libya, Iran, and North Korea, insisting, 밯e have ended one of the most dangerous sources of proliferation in the world, and the American people are safer.

He thanked the 60 nations that are supporting the Proliferation Security Initiative and the 30 nations with forces serving in Iraq in his speech.

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