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Japanese Newspaper, 밡orth Korea-Iran Preparing a Joint Nuclear Denotation Experiment
JUNE 15, 2004 22:16  
Quoting a military source well-acquainted with news concerning North Korea, the Sankei Shimbun reported on June 15 that six representatives, including an Iranian nuclear physicist, visited North Korea last month to prepare for a joint experiment for a nuclear triggering device.

This paper announced that the Iranian nuclear-related representatives, including a physicist and computer experts who are visiting North Korea will stay for six months and execute a detonation experiment using neutrons while utilizing the related equipments of North Korea.

This paper further added, 밫his experiment is to investigate the fluctuations of highly dense neutrons that cause nuclear disruption and added, 밆ata obtained through this experiment is vital in manufacturing nuclear bombs.

After pointing out that Iran currently does not possess technology to micro-computerize data of the nuclear experiment on its own, the source asserted, (Iran) must have judged that they needed North Korea뭩 cooperation for having advanced in nuclear development.

He also added, 밡orth Korea seems to have taken this opportunity as a chance to obtain Iran뭩 nuclear experimental data as well.

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