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China `unaware` of reported radioactive leak from nuke sub
AUGUST 05, 2011 08:21  
China is known to have told Korea that it does not know about a reported leak of radioactive materials to the Yellow Sea from a Chinese nuclear submarine moored in the Chinese port of Dalian in Liaoning Province.

The Korean Foreign Affairs and Trade Ministry told a regular news briefing Thursday that it has asked Beijing to confirm reports about the rumored leak. 밯e`re waiting for China뭩 answer, said a ministry official.

Another ministry official said, however, that the ministry asked China through a diplomatic channel Tuesday to confirm the leak. The Chinese Foreign Ministry replied that it had no knowledge of the incident, adding that it was not under its jurisdiction.

The Korean Foreign Ministry is trying to confirm the incident though various channels other than the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Chinese authorities reportedly failed to provide a clear answer, however, simply saying such an incident cannot be confirmed easily.

밨adioactive leaks are a sensitive issue that can directly affect the Korean Peninsula, so we continue to ask China to inform us of the facts about the incident, said a Korean government official.

Last month, China came under fire for its explanation on an oil spill in Bohai Bay. Beijing simply said the oil was unlikely to spread to the Yellow Sea but did not provide details on how much oil was leaked.

Despite a series of incidents that could negatively affect the Korean Peninsula, experts say China뭩 insincere responses to Korea`s inquiries hardly befit a country that is supposed to be a responsible member of the international community.

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