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Director Kim Ki-duk Wins Silver Lion For 밇mpty House At Venice
SEPTEMBER 12, 2004 22:03 by Gab-Sik Kim Jung-Hun Kim (dunanworld@donga.com jnghn@donga.com)
Film director Kim Ki-duk (44) won the award for Best Director for the movie 밇mpty House at the 61st Venice International Film Festival that came to an end at its closing ceremony on September 12 (Korean Standard Time) in Venice.

The Award for Best Director is ranked third after the Golden Lion and the Jury Grand Prize, and was taken home in 2002 by director Lee Chang-dong for 봑asis.

In February, director Kim also won the Best Director뭩 Award for 밪amaria at the Berlin International Film Festival and has accomplished the feat of taking home three consecutive trophies for best film director at three of the world뭩 most renowned film festivals in just one year.

In addition, director Kim뭩 award, along with this year뭩 Cannes Film Festival Jury Grand Prize-winning film 밢ld Boy (Director: Park Chan-wook), has swept the main categories of the world뭩 three largest film festivals, Berlin, Cannes, and Venice, displaying to the world the superiority of Korean movies.

Actress Lee Seung-yeon, who stirred up dispute over the 밡ude Comfort Woman controversy, and Hee Jae (real name: Lee Hyun-gyu) star in this award-winning piece, 밇mpty House which illustrates a love story between an imprisoned woman who is battered by her violent husband, and a man who lives in empty houses.

British director Mike Leigh뭩 밮era Drake won the prestigious Golden Lion, while Spanish director Alejandro Amenabar뭩 밢ut of Sea was selected for the Jury Grand Prize. Director Im Kwon-tak뭩 밚ow Life, which competed with 밇mpty House in the same category, was not up for any awards.

Meanwhile, President Roh Moo-hyun sent a congratulatory message to director Kim on this day, saying, 밫his award, along with the Berlin International Film Festival뭩 award, is serving as momentum that will once again seal the potential and excellence of Korean film arts.

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