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Korean women in their late 20s miss avg. 4.5 meals a month
FEBRUARY 04, 2013 05:44  
A 26-year-old woman looking for a job often skips breakfast to go to a public library early to secure a seat. She says she sometimes forgets to eat dinner when absorbed in study, adding, 밪kipping meals not only saves money but also helps me lose weight. This is because I sit in front of a desk all day long.

Korean women in their 20s skip an average of four meals a month, and those in their late 20s skip the most, according to a survey on grain consumption last year. Those in their late 20s missed a monthly average of 3.8 meals and those in their early 20s 3.7 meals. Women in their 20s skipped more meals than their male counterparts.

Women in their late 20s skipped 4.5 meals a month while those in their early 20s missed 4 times. The figure for men in their early 20s was 3.3 while that for those in their late 20s was 3.1 times. Both men and women started to miss fewer meals entering their early 30s, with an average of 3.3 in their early 30s and 1.8 in their early 40s.

Children under age 10 were found to miss fewer than one meal a month.

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