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Samsung CEO urges development of Bada smartphone OS
AUGUST 17, 2011 00:35  
Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Kun-hee urged his company`s executives to strengthen Samsung`s smartphone operating system Bada in responding to Google`s takeover of Motorola Mobility.

Lee convened a meeting of executives of the company뭩 finished goods divisions to respond to Google뭩 acquisition. The Web portal giant announced the same day its acquisition of Motorola for 12.5 billion U.S. dollars.

Lee also convened a meeting of heads in the company뭩 parts production divisions Thursday after a steep fall in semiconductor prices last week.

The Tuesday meeting was attended by Samsung Vice Chairman Choi Ji-seong, wireless division chief Shin Jong-kyun, image display division head Yoon Bu-keun, home appliances division vice president Hong Chang-wan, and IT solution division vice president Nam Seong-woo.

After being briefed by Choi on the aftereffects of Google뭩 buyout of Motorola and progress in patent litigation against Apple, Chairman Lee urged them to strengthen Bada and focus on differentiating the quality of Samsung뭩 smartphones.

At the meeting, senior Samsung executives are known to have agreed on significantly expanding the number of talented software developers and emphasized the company뭩 technology prowess in hardware.

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