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This Phone Knows My Moves
JANUARY 12, 2005 22:33 by Suk-Min Hong (smhong@donga.com)
If you move cell phone in the form of 3, a call is made to the third number stored in the speed dial group. If you shake the phone vertically, the stored spam messages are deleted. There is no need for buttons.

밪mart cell phones that perceive the owners movements will be on the market by as early as next month. Samsung Electronics announced on January 12 the world뭩 first cell phone (model name SCH-S310), which is capable of recognizing a sequence of human actions.

Drawing a number in the air with the phone can activate the speed dial corresponding to the drawn number. If the user draws 밢 and 밲, the phone will sound off 밳es and 밡o respectively. If the user shakes the phone at the karaoke, it gives the sound of atambourine.

The phone allows users to enjoy its various features with simple motions but without the complexity of punching buttons. The cell phone is expected to be used for a number of certification purposes because the phone will make 밽esture signatures possible.

Lee Ki-tae, president of Samsung Electronics Information and Telecommunications Unit, explained, 밫he newest model applies new methods of communication that rely on the expression of human nature and emotions.

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