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Smart Robot Cleaner
JULY 24, 2003 21:37  
A 몉obot vacuum cleaner that cleans every nook and corner of rooms by automatically identifying its location has been developed in Korea.

Hanool Robotics announced yesterday that it developed 멟TTORO, a 몉obot vacuum cleaner with artificial intelligence that, unlike existing robot vacuum cleaners that moves randomly, moves in a logical manner that it can suck dust or small litter.

With 2 cameras and 30 censors, the robot can pinpoint its location and it allows it to move horizontal and vertical directions accurately to clean rooms.

While existing robot vacuum cleaners can not clean about 10cm from the walls as they have suction ports at the center, the 멟TTORO can clean the edges of walls and corners as well, as it has the suction port at the front of the main body.

The robot has three times stronger suction power than existing ones and, once fully charged, it can be used for about 50 minutes. It has auto-recharge function and self-operation function and can be operated by a remote controller.

밨eservations for the product purchase will be available in September and shipping and sales will start from November. The price is at the moment about 4 million per a unit, but, once mass produced, the price is likely to go down to around 2.5 million a unit, CEO Kim Byung-Soo said.

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