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Hate Practice
Skating stars encounter

밪peed skating empress Lee Sang-hwa and 밊igure skating queen Kim Yu-na, winners of the grand prize at the Coca Athletics Awards, look happy and cheerful at the awards ceremony on Wednesday. Displaying warm hearts and...

Winning opener raises chance for play-offs
밃 good beginning is half done. This well-known proverb emphasizes the importance of beginning. This probably applies to the Korean Baseball League as well. In...

Ryu Hyun-jin`s toenail injury worse than expected
Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin`s right toenail injury is worse than expected. Unable to wear baseball cleats, Ryu joined Tuesday`s team training session at the...

Ryu Hyun-jin to start season against Arizona
Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin will start the 2014 season against the Arizona Diamondbacks at 7 p.m. PDT Saturday night (11 a.m. on Sunday, Korean time). ...

Home run race heats up for new record Mar. 21, 04:30
More Koreans hold negative views of Russia after Olympics, survey shows Mar. 18, 06:29
Shim Jong-seop emerges as promising runner at Dong-A Marathon Mar. 17, 03:39
Kim Yu-na, Lee Sang-hwa exchange words of compliments Mar. 13, 06:24
Former Korean skater wins gold medal for Russia Feb. 17, 07:18
Figure skating queen dates with ice hockey player Mar. 07, 03:28
Choo Shin-soo hits 1st homer since transfer Mar. 15, 07:06
Figure skating queen meets her fans in Seoul Mar. 05, 04:24
Ryu Hyun-jin likely to be starter at Dodgers` opening game Feb. 27, 06:25
Kenyan runners aim to break 2 hour 5 minute-mark in Seoul Marathon Feb. 26, 05:31

Volunteers: The seeds of hope amid great sorrow
The family members of the victims of the Sewol ferry...
Volunteers: The seeds of hope amid great sorrow
The family members of the victims of the Sewol ferry...
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