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Hate Practice
Rival parties tentatively agree on indirect funding for Nuri program

Senior deputy floor leaders of rival parties met on Monday to narrow key differences in allocation of budget for the "Nuri program" (childrearing subsidies for children aged 3 to 5), which emerged as a contentious issue in last-minute dispute over next year뭩 state budget. For ...
G20 Summit ends in Australia

N. Korea threatens nuclear war in protest against U.N. human rights resolution
North Korea on Sunday protested yet again last week`s United Nations resolution on North Korea`s dire human rights conditions. The National Defense Commission (NDC), the...

40,500 tons of Russian coal to arrive in S. Korea via N. Korea next week
Some 40,500 tons of coal from a Russian mine will be imported to South Korea via North Korea on next Saturday, marking the first result of the Rajin-Khasan project among...

Pending North Korean human rights bills gain momentum
The international community has increased pressure on North Korea for human rights as represented by the United Nations adoption of the more powerful North Korean Human...

Saenuri뭩 mixed views over four river project Nov. 21, 07:38
State agencies set to add manpower despite mergers Nov. 19, 06:57
Washington: Prior talks with Tokyo not needed for US military dispatch to Korea Nov. 18, 06:51
Park: 멇dvanced countries monetary policy poses burden on emerging economies Nov. 17, 22:45
Pres. Park mulls free trade proposal at three-way summit Nov. 15, 02:49
Saenuri chief dismisses call for tax hikes Nov. 14, 02:39
Korea-China-Japan talks could take place after ministers` meeting Nov. 12, 16:15
Korea, China to agree on free trade deal Nov. 11, 06:33
Pres. Park to hold relay summits with leaders from US and China Nov. 11, 06:34
US approves sales of 136 멠AC-3 missiles to Korea Nov. 08, 06:19

Paradox of minimum wage
Starting next year, guards at apartment complexes will...
Amazing carbon
Once upon a time, there were carbon brothers. One day,...
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