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Hate Practice
N. Korea fires 2 missiles on first day of S.K.-U.S. joint drill

North Korea fired into the East Sea two short-range ballistic missiles believed to be the Scud C Missile on Monday, the first day of the South Korea-U.S. joint Key Resolve Drill. It is the first time in three years that the North fired missiles on the opening day of the Key Resol...
Korean submarine named after independence activist Ryu Gwan-sun

Political parties show mixed reactions to Pres. Park`s staff reshuffle
The ruling Saenuri Party showed mixed responses to President Park Geun-hye`s reshuffle Friday of her staff, including her nomination of Lee Byung-kee, South Korea`s spy...

Main opposition party to hold open primaries for by-elections
The main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy (NPAD) has decided to nominate its candidate for the April 29 parliamentary by-elections through open primaries...

Ruling party chief lashes out at Seoul mayor over public servants` pension reform
Kim Moo-sung, chairman of the ruling Saenuri Party, criticized Seoul mayor Park Won-soon for calling for a careful approach to the proposed reform of the pension system...

NPAD emergency committee head doubts over creating a new party Dec. 31, 08:34
Male officer gets demotion for sexual harassment Dec. 23, 05:44
Constitutional Court dismantles `pro-North` political party Dec. 20, 05:44
UNSC to discuss NK human rights for the first time Dec. 22, 06:44
Kim Jong Un spent $300 mil. on showy projects during 3-year rule Dec. 11, 02:48
Court to determine fate of minor opposition UPP on Friday Dec. 18, 06:29
President`s concerns over social conflict caused by pro-North event Dec. 16, 05:36
Blend of IT and culture at luncheon Dec. 13, 08:05
NPAD`s major members to get set for party primary Dec. 12, 03:32
Chinese media: 멠yongyang is exclusively for the privileged Dec. 09, 01:29

Why should private journalist be regulated by Kim Young-ran Act?
The Anti-Corruption and Conflicts of Interest Act...
Suspicious deaths of Putin뭩 political opponents
Former Russian security agent Alexander Litvinenko who...
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