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Hate Practice
Constitutional Court dismantles `pro-North` political party

As five lawmakers of the United Progressive Party (UPP) lost their membership of the assembly, the number of the 19th National Assembly lawmakers, which started with 300, will be decreased to 298 until the 20th general election to be held in April 2016. The Public Official Electi...
Minor opposition UPP starts outdoor demonstration

Kim Jong Un spent $300 mil. on showy projects during 3-year rule
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has reportedly spent more than 300 million U.S. dollars on "showy construction projects" since taking over power from his father, the...

Court to determine fate of minor opposition UPP on Friday
The fate of the minor opposition party Unified Progressive Party will be determined on Friday. It`s been a year since the government filed a petition with the...

President`s concerns over social conflict caused by pro-North event
President Park Geun-hye expressed concerns over the so-called pro-North concert on Monday, saying, 밪ocial conflict caused by the following North Korea concert has...

Blend of IT and culture at luncheon Dec. 13, 08:05
NPAD`s major members to get set for party primary Dec. 12, 03:32
Chinese media: 멠yongyang is exclusively for the privileged Dec. 09, 01:29
Top U.S. envoy: Rushing back to negotiation will be a mistake Dec. 06, 08:16
Rival parties to hold 2+2 meeting on Wednesday Dec. 08, 04:33
National Assembly approves budget bill before legal deadline Dec. 03, 06:05
Half of NPAD delegates oppose Moon`s bid for leadership Dec. 05, 05:47
Ex-spy agency head denies allegation on president뭩 brother Dec. 04, 05:42
9 repatriated N.K. defectors executed or sent to labor camp Dec. 02, 07:13
Budget committee to publish White Paper to disclose all 몀emo budgets Nov. 29, 03:47

Court deals hard blow to destroyers of Republic of Korea
The Constitutional Court ordered the dissolution of a...
Gender confrontation over extra points for military service
Korea is likely to be divided into two over an issue....
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