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Hate Practice
Senior politician criticizes possible conflicts over nomination shares

밫he New Politics Alliance for Democracy is losing the original resolution for its founding. Causing internal embroilment due to conflicting interests among factions and making comments that do not reflect public sentiments will make (the party) not just lose the local elections ...
Park reads books to students like Obama?

North Korea celebrates founder`s birthday with fireworks
North Korea set off fireworks on Tuesday, marking the birthday of its late leader Kim Il Sung. No armed protest, such as a launch of long-range ballistic missiles or...

Can Koreans see President Park read books to children?
The presidential office Cheong Wa Dae and the Culture, Sports, and Tourism Ministry said on Monday that President Park seriously considers visiting an elementary school...

Politics of promise surrendered to election advantages
밅andidate number two (traditional elective symbol for the main opposition party) has survived, but 뱎romise-based politics is dead. This is what the New Politics...

Park slows down 몍nification bonanza initiative Apr. 14, 03:49
S. Korean military research agency kept mum about hacking Apr. 11, 05:23
Close surveillance radars to be deployed at presidential office Apr. 09, 01:16
Ahn may overturn his determination on candidate nomination Apr. 09, 00:34
Leaders of Korea, Australia sign bilateral free trade agreement Apr. 09, 01:31
Gov`t insensitiveness to security spawns public뭩 concern Apr. 08, 02:08
Saenuri Party postpones TV debate for Seoul mayor candidates Apr. 07, 02:10
U.S. anti-submarine aircraft flew to S. Korea in late March Apr. 05, 03:22
N.K. invites foreigners to marathon to earn hard currency Apr. 05, 05:03
N. Korean drone took 193 photos of presidential office, Seoul city Apr. 05, 05:02

All Koreans are crying with the bereaved families
They went on a field trip to Jeju Island and have not...
Westerners view on sunken ferry Sewol
I first heard the tragic news on the sinking of Korean...
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