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Hate Practice
Main opposition party settles internal feud for now

Moon Jae-in, chairman of the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy, is trying to solidify his leadership amid the party`s internal feud. He is seeking to have Yoo Seung-hee, an NPAD Supreme Council member, return to her duty after getting the party`s floor leader Le...
Saenuri lawmakers to determine floor leader Yoo뭩 fate at general meeting

Unification minister urges NK to join efforts to fight drought
Unification Minister Hong Yong-pyo said Tuesday, "Both the South and the North should combine efforts to properly respond to natural disasters that are repeating every...

Korea becomes fifth largest shareholder of AIIB
Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, a new international financial institution led by China, has completed its launch preparations. The Chinese government held a...

2 Koreas to meet in Kaesong to discuss ex-First Lady Lee뭩 visit to Pyongyang
South and North Korea will have contact in Kaesong on Tuesday to discuss a visit to Pyongyang in July by former First Lady Lee Hee-ho, the wife of the late former...

NPAD emergency committee head doubts over creating a new party Dec. 31, 08:34
Male officer gets demotion for sexual harassment Dec. 23, 05:44
Constitutional Court dismantles `pro-North` political party Dec. 20, 05:44
UNSC to discuss NK human rights for the first time Dec. 22, 06:44
Kim Jong Un spent $300 mil. on showy projects during 3-year rule Dec. 11, 02:48
Court to determine fate of minor opposition UPP on Friday Dec. 18, 06:29
President`s concerns over social conflict caused by pro-North event Dec. 16, 05:36
Blend of IT and culture at luncheon Dec. 13, 08:05
NPAD`s major members to get set for party primary Dec. 12, 03:32
Chinese media: 멠yongyang is exclusively for the privileged Dec. 09, 01:29

Managerial rights defense system needed to fend off hedge fund attack
U.S. hedge fund Elliott Associates is attacking...
Animal kingdom and politics
A hungry male lion carefully approaches a water...
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