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Hate Practice
Whither Chun Jung-bae?

Chun Jung-bae, former member of the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy, joined the starting ceremony of "Saewoolim" held in southern Seoul on Tuesday. "Saewoolim" is a gathering among people who had shared the same stance with Ahn Cheol-soo, former party co-found...
Prime minister nominee: I will take more responsibility

Kim Jung Un could make a summit diplomacy debut in Indonesia
An official from South Korea뭩 Foreign Affairs Ministry revealed on Sunday that Indonesia expressed its willingness to invite both leaders from South and North Koreas to...

Deputy Prime Minister vows not to raise tax due to weak economic structure
Choi Kyung-hwan (photo), the deputy prime minister for economic affairs and the minister of strategy and finance, said, 밫he government won뭪 raise tax. It is not...

S. Korea rebukes Japan`s territorial claim over Dokdo islets
The Japanese government has created a diplomatic stir by sending a Korean-language version of the summary of its 2014 defense white paper depicting Seoul`s easternmost...

NPAD emergency committee head doubts over creating a new party Dec. 31, 08:34
Male officer gets demotion for sexual harassment Dec. 23, 05:44
Constitutional Court dismantles `pro-North` political party Dec. 20, 05:44
UNSC to discuss NK human rights for the first time Dec. 22, 06:44
Kim Jong Un spent $300 mil. on showy projects during 3-year rule Dec. 11, 02:48
Court to determine fate of minor opposition UPP on Friday Dec. 18, 06:29
President`s concerns over social conflict caused by pro-North event Dec. 16, 05:36
Blend of IT and culture at luncheon Dec. 13, 08:05
NPAD`s major members to get set for party primary Dec. 12, 03:32
Chinese media: 멠yongyang is exclusively for the privileged Dec. 09, 01:29

How will Korean military get out of sexual crimes and corruption scandals?
A series of sexual crimes and defense industry...
Atonement for lost 몀onk spirit
The Jogye Temple in downtown Seoul is a traditional...
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