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Hate Practice
Pres. Park to attend Climate Change summit in Paris on Sunday

President Park Geun-hye will take on a tour to Paris and Prague just six days after an overseas tour for multilateral meetings. She will be traveling from Sunday to Friday next week. Park will attend the U.N. Climate Change Conference and other events while visiting Paris for th...
Pres. Park offers condolences to the deceased Kim Young-sam

UN chief Ban Ki-moon hopes to visit N. Korea soon
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says on Monday that he is still adjusting the schedule to visit North Korea, but the date is not set yet. He says that he is looking to...

Ex-President Kim Young-sam dies; Park conveys 멶eepest condolences
Former President Kim Young-sam, who made significant contributions to Korea뭩 democratization and served as the nation뭩 14th president, died at 88 on Sunday. With his...

Pres. Park to send a video message for bereaved families of Yeonpyeong battle veterans
Marking the 5th anniversary of the shelling on Yeonpyeong Island by North Korea, President Park Geun-hye is going to send a video message to the bereaved families at the...

Former politician claims to be 몆ro-Roh but not pro-Moon Nov. 18, 10:10
U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon to visit Pyongyang this week Nov. 17, 12:03
Pyongyang declares no-sail zone on the East Sea Nov. 16, 08:30
Park urges Abe to make decision on WWII sex slavery issue Nov. 14, 20:38
멟nly sincere people should be elected,` says Pres. Park Nov. 11, 08:12
Lawmakers from Korea and Japan hold soccer game in Yokohama Nov. 09, 08:26
`Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, St. Louis are interested in Park Byung-ho,` says journalist Nov. 07, 11:00
Pres. Park warns against lack of sound historical point of view Nov. 06, 13:08
Defense ministers of China and Korea likely to discuss South China Sea tensions Nov. 04, 08:03
Pres. Park meets Chinese premier and Japanese PM in Seoul Nov. 02, 08:23

Why the ruling party opposes KFX audit proposal?
A vote on the audit request about the Korean Fighter...
Former President Chun Doo-hwan and his witty tongue
During the Fifth Republic era in Korea, the headline...
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