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Hate Practice
Pres. Park proposes open channels of dialogue to N. Korea

President Park Geun-hye said in a Cabinet meeting at the presidential office on Tuesday, 밯e need to start from small one and take step by step to build trust between the two Koreas and walk the path towards unification. I am looking forward to positive feedback from the North. ...
Rival parties leadership at former president`s memorial service

Korean-Russians pull off unification drive
밯e`ve made it at last! An auto trek rally team commemorating the 150th anniversary of Koreans moving to Russia has passed North Korea and arrived in South Korea on...

Politicians gather at 5th memorial service for former president
The 5th memorial service for the late former President Kim Dae-jung took place at the Seoul National Cemetery in Seoul뭩 Dongjak district on Monday. The event brought...

North Korea뭩 lame excuse on missile launch date
밐ow come the pontiff chose the date out of all the days in 12 months a year.... North Korea made a lame excuse on why it fired five missiles of the new KN-09 multiple...

N. Korea fires rockets just before Pope Francis` arrival in S. Korea Aug. 15, 00:15
Pres. Park orders radical measures to halt army abuse Aug. 14, 01:46
NPAD female lawmakers boycott interim chief Park Young-sun Aug. 13, 05:02
Rep. Park confesses mental agony in Twitter post Aug. 13, 05:08
Seoul proposes to hold high-level talks with Pyongyang Aug. 12, 00:08
Assembly runs perennially, yet approves no bill for 4 months Aug. 11, 07:15
Presiding judge for soldier뭩 death elevated from colonel to general Aug. 11, 07:15
Ocean minister willing to step down over Sewol disaster Aug. 08, 22:58
NIS intelligence leakage severe, resulting in lack of intelligence Aug. 06, 06:16
Former judge recommended as new Supreme Court justice Aug. 12, 00:30

What kind of political reform the NPAD pursues?
The main opposition New Politics Alliance for...
Ice Bucket Challenge
There is a free mobile application that allows users...
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