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Hate Practice
Democratic United Party to officially launch on Sunday

Political party with name "Democratic United Party" will officially launch on Sunday. Amid the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy, which had dropped its original name Democratic Untied Party, being rumored to be split with floor leader Park Young-sun yet to decid...
President`s Chuseok message

NPAD hardliners urge floor leader to quit Sewol bill negotiations
Park Young-sun, floor leader of the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy (NPAD), on Wednesday dropped her plan to leave the embattled party, some hardline...

Seoul, Washington effectively agree on delaying OPCON transfer by 6-7 years
South Korea and the U.S. have effectively agreed to postpone the schedule to transfer wartime operational control (OPCON) set in 2015 by six to seven years, and are...

Missile launch tube observed on N. Korean submarine base
South Korean and U.S. intelligence reportedly observed a missile launch tube on a North Korean submarine base earlier this year. The South Korean and U.S. Military are...

Ruling party mulls lowering cigarette price increase Sep. 12, 21:58
Lawmakers look away from campaign promises Sep. 11, 22:48
Nearly 1,800 pro-North websites based overseas found Sep. 11, 01:34
Next year`s tax burden to increase 234 dollars per person Sep. 11, 01:54
President Park hopes for `economic recovery` on Chuseok holidays Sep. 10, 03:38
`Big three` opposition politicians take different steps Sep. 06, 08:47
U.S. mulls deploying high-altitude missile battalion to S. Korea Sep. 05, 03:16
Two special forces soldiers die during captivity training Sep. 04, 07:00
NPAD re-proposes a third-party negotiating body for Sewol act Sep. 03, 04:11
Parliamentary regular session kicks off in 69 days finally Sep. 02, 05:27

Nat`l Assembly should scrutinize super-sized budget for economy boosting
The government has announced a 376 trillion won budget...
Genes of the super rich
Globally, there are some 2,325 billionaires. Since...
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