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Hate Practice
Where should post-election politics go?

The July 30 parliamentary by-elections has raised a fundamental question as to the direction of Korean politics. Although the ruling Saenuri Party was the victor by winning 11 seats, compared with four seats won by the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy (NPAD), t...
Empty office of main opposition party chiefs

Satellite imagery indicate N. Korea nearing completion of missile launch site
North Korea appears to be nearing completion of the modifications of the Sohae Satellite Launching Station in Tongchang-ri, Cholsan County, North Pyongan Province,...

Parliamentary by-election for 15 seats starts nationwide
The day for parliamentary by-election and re-election has approached. Dubbed the "mini general election," the elections will determine 15 seats of the National Assembly,...

A new ROK-US combined army division to stay in the north of Han River
South Korea has decided to turn the U.S. Army뭩 Second Infantry Division, a core component of the U.S. Forces Korea, into a South Korea-U.S. combined division that would...

Can the opposition party safeguard its stronghold in July 30 by-election? July 29, 06:44
Alliance-breaking ruling party vs. majority-breaking opposition party July 28, 02:30
Pres. Park: `Comfort women, human right Issue of women` July 26, 01:51
President Park stresses `persistent regulation reform` July 25, 06:23
Opposition NPAD goes all out for the July 30 by-elections July 22, 05:49
NPAD rushes to traditional home turf amid tight race July 23, 04:58
Gov`t to levy special safeguard on excessive rice import July 19, 04:25
`Son of Suwon` vs. `Prominent figure in opposition` July 21, 00:37
S. Korea wants N. Korea to foot bill for Asiad delegates` expenses July 18, 04:26
Special Sewol law fails to pass at National Assembly July 17, 06:52

No future for Ahn Cheol-soo without touching people
Tears stood in the eyes of Ahn Cheol-soo, co-chairman...
China and the Korean Peninsula
Chinese President Xi Jinping`s recent visit to Seoul...
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