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Hate Practice

Bongeunsa Station vs. COEX Station
A video clip capturing the trainees of a mission praying for the collapse of a Buddhist temple in the Gangnam district of Seoul was posted on YouTube in October 2010. The temple is Bongeunsa, which has a long tradition of producing high priests such as Great Buddhist Monk Seosan...

Is using a fake address the norm for high-ranking officials?
Many nominees for prime minister and minister have failed to pass confirmation hearings due to sham addresses since the adoption of a confirmation hearing for a prime minister nominee in 2000 and for a minister nominee in 2005. In 2002, prime minister nominees Jang Sang and Jang...

Christmas tree-shaped tower Aegibong with the light off Dec. 29, 20:01
Ssangyong Tivoli and Lee Hyori뭩 bikini dance Dec. 27, 01:42
South Koreans` pride and prejudice toward Russia Dec. 27, 02:00
How to confront manspreaders in subway Dec. 25, 06:45
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A group that takes a deer and calls it a horse Dec. 23, 07:30
Oh Se-hoon Act or Peter Pan Act Dec. 22, 06:26
Gender confrontation over extra points for military service Dec. 20, 06:06
Sony Pictures hurt feelings of `utmost dignity` Dec. 19, 07:18
Parliamentary election puts brake on Japan뭩 right turn Dec. 18, 03:21

Finance minister may change Choinomics amid concerns over deflation
Korea`s Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister...
Bongeunsa Station vs. COEX Station
A video clip capturing the trainees of a mission...
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