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Hate Practice

Atonement for lost 몀onk spirit
The Jogye Temple in downtown Seoul is a traditional Buddhist temple and popular attraction for many domestic and foreign tourists. It is also the headquarters of the Jogye Order, the largest Buddhist sect in South Korea. In 1998, violent clash between monk factions on the...

Stielike leadership
Sir Alex Ferguson, 74, of Britain is a familiar name to Koreans, even to those who are not big soccer fans. He is a former coach of the Manchester United, for which Korean striker Park Ji-sung played, and is considered one of the world뭩 best soccer leaders. He served as the...

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How will Korean military get out of sexual crimes and corruption scandals?
A series of sexual crimes and defense industry...
Atonement for lost 몀onk spirit
The Jogye Temple in downtown Seoul is a traditional...
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