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Chinese female scientist as Nobel laureate
Tu Youyou, one of a trio of scientists awarded this year뭩 Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine, has emerged as a national hero of China. A lifetime researcher at the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Tu has become the third Nobel laureate from China after Liu Xiaobo...

What if gun ownership is allowed in Korea?
The U.S. is in sorrow after yet another gun massacre. A shooter singled out Christians and killed nine people and injured seven at a university in Oregon on Thursday. Then, he killed himself. U.S. President Barack Obama held a news conference and urged for gun control, saying,...

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Taxpayers money should be better spent Oct. 03, 07:21
Former NIS chief Kim Man-bok뭩 shameful memoir Oct. 02, 07:16
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Politicians` boring debates on labor reform Sep. 24, 07:07
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Castro뭩 love of Adidas Sep. 22, 06:59
Confrontation between working and full-time mothers Sep. 21, 07:00

Seoul Metro allegedly being hacked by North Korea
It was revealed that a North Korean cyber terrorist...
Problems with `foreign nationality Koreans`
A dead body is found in Nowon District in northern...
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